Our Fairytale

WHO the heck is this girl?

My name is Tricia Cool Lorenz, (yes, my maiden name was REALLY ‘Cool’, Cool huh?) I grew up in Auburn, NY and the youngest of 8 awesome siblings! I spent almost half of my life living in the surrounding Syracuse area, and working in the corporate world. All this before I became a country girl…..Now married to the man of my dreams with our beautiful child living the fairytale.

My parents were both very creative in their own right. My Mom is a beautiful painter and can do just about anything that involves using her hands and my Dad had every tool under the sun and could use each of them. I remember he rebuilt a car for my brother’s College graduation from rebuilding the motor to putting on the detailed striping. We were all encouraged to be creative; I think I had the ‘prettiest’ erupting volcano ever created, glitter and all! Creativity was encouraged and expected, for that I am thankful.

WHAT does ‘Barntique’ mean?

After a lot of brainstorming the buisness name with Jay (my husband), I remember saying to him, ‘Boutique’ is so overused. He said, ‘Yeah, well you are IN a barn’, and my immediate response…BARNTIQUE!

It was seriously that simple.


WHY did you decide to start this business?

The first time Jay brought me to his property, I saw this barn and said to myself, ‘that would be an awesome storefront’ and then I forgot about it. We have a yearly party in July with friends and family and have really enjoyed it for that purpose. I loved the barn so much I used it as a backdrop for our wedding! (See photo below )

Jay and I decided we wanted to start a family and we were beyond blessed with our Jana Rebecca, born in January 2016. We planned for me to stay home for 6 months with her before deciding to return to work. When the time came, we did the math and decided it would COST us money for me to commute, not to mention the time away from Jana in daycare. After a few months, I said to Jay “I might want to open a store utilizing the barn”. He was beyond excited, probably more then I was. This was a great way for me to have the best of both worlds and so we started making the dream a reality…

Just a girls Fairytale come true…..