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Lake Stone Necklace -Medium Size (Multiple Choices


Lake Stone Necklace -Medium Size (Multiple Choices 00159

Beautifully hand carved and polished stones from Lake Ontario.Artisan: Ron

The mystery and history of the world is hidden in stones found along the shores of Lake Ontario. The stones are rounded and smooth, tumbled by millions of years of Lake Ontario waters. They date back to the Phanerozoic era-nearly 542 Million years ago. A time when the land surface of the Earth was devoid of much life except for the equatorial oceans that surrounded the Precambrian Great Lakes basin. This area was teeming with new beginnings. Minerals and fossils were captured as remnants of this time and kept hidden inside these stones.

The artisan has been collecting, cutting, and polishing these stones to reveal the beauty of the minerals and fossils found within. The process requires many hours and much patience. A lesson learned over time. The artisan's home is to create unique pieces to be worn in appreciation of the journey through time that each of us has been given. In these Lake Stone cuttings the power and the mysteries of time are revealed once again.

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